How to Successfully Promote Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a leader of the social media pack. Creating a Facebook page for your business can go a long way (yes, even in the era where many are seeing Facebook page reach decline). Maybe you’ve already done so. Maybe you’re aching to take that first step but haven’t quite yet. Or, perhaps your page just isn’t quite getting the interaction you want. Today, we’re going to hone your Facebook skills. If you’re not already promoting your Facebook page and you run a business, you need to start.

Facebook is continuing to give companies more and more opportunities to maximize their business potential. If it can work for them, it can work for you. Here’s how to do it yourself.

1. Give Your Page a Personal Touch

Starting a business page is an excellent way to give your Facebook presence a more personal feel without using your own account. Not quite like having a personal profile, others can still “Like” your page to follow and engage with your posts.

By setting up a business page, you’re putting a face to a name if you have a company. No one wants to buy from a faceless entity, so make posts that are personal and can relate to your audience. If you’re promoting a product or service, tell them why it’s for your reader specifically.

2. Use High-Quality Photos and Videos

Everyone likes visuals that are easy on the eyes. In days where even common modern smartphones can capture beautiful imagery, there’s no excuse not to have quality images to share. Facebook also compresses photos to their desired size, which can stretch images, so for the best results, crop your photos beforehand so that it isn’t done for you. Upload all photos as JPEG files.

3. Enable the “Call to Action” Button

The end goal may not be actual Facebook followers if you run a business. It’s to turn those followers into active consumers. By adding a call-to-action (CTA) button or two to your page, you’re giving directions on where people should go next. This could be a link back to your shop, to book an appointment, or to contact your company.

On Facebook, you can have up to seven CTA buttons, so there’s no reason to stick to just one, either. Don’t go too crazy, but make sure your fans know where to turn to next, and keeping them on Facebook is a great way to get more visibility from Facebook.

4. Join or Create a Facebook Group

Like we talked about in the previous point, creating and joining Facebook groups is a phenomenal way to interact with others and let people come to you. Search a few target interests or keywords on Facebook while logged into your page and find some fascinating groups to join. After that, make sure you engage by leaving both comments and reactions on posts in your groups. Eventually, you’ll become a recognized name in the group, bringing your page recognition right alongside it.

5. Promote Your Facebook Page Everywhere

Let’s revisit your current network: a.k.a, the people you already know. Whether it’s friends, peers, or followers on other accounts, it’s time to utilize them. Those people are your connections already for a reason, and they’re more than likely willing to help out. So, what should you do?

Promote, promote, promote. Post to your Instagram. Tell your friends and your friend’s dad. And absolutely provide a link back to your page in any Facebook groups you’ve created too. Wherever you can, make sure the road leads back to you and your Facebook page.

6. Use Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

Two slightly newer tools Facebook has launched, both Facebook Stories and Facebook Live give you a more sincere connection. Facebook Stories is perfect for day-in-the-life updates, from silly to sincere, or maybe quick promotions for your business. Facebook Live, on the other hand, gives an even more personal touch. Live-streaming gives the impression of almost being there, wherever the video is taking place. Try doing a live stream of exciting things you do, or simply post a life update.

7. Maintain a Regular Schedule: Consistency is the Secret Sauce

Just like everything great in life – a six-pack, becoming debt-free, getting married to the person of your dreams – you must commit to a consistent game plan to see success. Something essential to remember if you want to gain and retain followers and make sure you stick to a regular schedule. Not only will it keep you in the minds of your current fans as you continuously pop up on their feeds, but you’ll also have a pretty front page.

8. Engage Your Audience and Peers

Doesn’t it feel good to get those reactions and comments on your posts every single time? You’re not the only one who feels that way: nearly everybody does, including your audience. Using your page and profile on Facebook, try to follow a good amount of people who have interests that overlap with your business audience.

Comment and react as much as you can on others’ posts. Make sure not to sound like you’re trying to promote yourself, but post real, thoughtful comments. People appreciate it and are more likely to check you out.