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We’ve Got A Plan for Your Social Media

It’s a taken that every brand these days needs to have a social media presence. It’s a platform where fans can not only be engaged, but also be fed marketing content on a consistent basis. However, for social media marketing to work, you need an audience – and this is no easy task for even the most prominent of brands. You aren’t only competing with other bands for your audience’s attention; you’re also up against content from their friends, family – and most importantly – your competitors.

Building on our wealth of experience building and handling social media profiles, we’ve got a nifty little guide on how you can build an active and engaging social media presence for your brand.


Step number one is to start putting together a social media marketing strategy. Reason being, you don’t want your content to be random and aimless. Some (your clients!) may say “Oh it’s just Facebook/Instagram/TikTok” but these are billion dollar platforms which require the same strategic planning that you would use in your BTL/ATL works.

Also, with strategy, you soon understand who you want to target, how you plan to reach them, which then leads to easier audience-building.

Remember that the content that you carefully curate on your page – simple as it may SEEM – has the power to turn your brand into a household name.


What exactly are your goals in your social media platforms? Engaging your audience? Getting more followers? Whatever they may be, setting goals allows you to analyze what you did right or wrong, and to even turn back and see how you can better strategise your next steps.

Our suggestion for beginners is simple: figure out what content do you share or believe your audience will stop to read. Too often, brands spend way too much time building ad strategies with the aim of getting lots of shares and likes, only to see their post go live and fail.

Make sure your ads always have a clear call-to-action, and a solid value proposition for viewers. Remember that social networks are all about data collection at the end of the day – so take advantage of this information to target your message to a specific audience.


Keep in mind that just because a certain hashtag is trending or popular on Instagram, it may be completely wrong for your brand. Find a hashtag that is both relevant and familiar so that your post isn’t lost in a sea of millions.

Also remember that creating a brand new hashtag with the HOPE it may just kick off is not a guarantee… at all.


So you have, say, a sizable number of followers. But are they engaging with your brand? Are they commenting, clicking, or even sharing. See, besides the obvious ROI aspect, engagement is what matters when it comes to social media.

Think of it this way – getting followers is like getting people to stop on a busy road full of stalls and check out YOUR stall. There’s so much content, and only so much attention you can grab.

If you can produce content that stands out so that people can’t help but share it all across their feed, you’ll find that growing your right audience becomes a whole lot easier. Don’t keep that ever-present word ‘viral’ constantly in the back of your head – with trial and error, along with careful examination of what works and what does not, you’ll soon find a rhythm to your content posting. And that’s what keeps your audience coming back for more.

At Symon-Patryck, we have the experts who can walk you through this process until you get the numbers you deserve. All you need to do is contact us, and we can help make your brand stand out in the world of social media.

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